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How did I maintain and restore a customers patio?

Updated: Jan 21

To increase the life expectancy of any driveway or patio you will need to properly maintain it to keep its best appearance and condition for many years to come. I recently got a phone call from a customer who lives locally to me in Manchester, he wanted me to come to his house and to take a look at his patio he wanted us to give him some ideas on how we could restore it back to a good condition for him he also wanted to know if i could enhance the color of his sand stone patio to bring it back to life and would I grind out and re-point all the patio for him, i gladly took the job on.

Using the right pressure washer for this type of stone.

This type of stone is more delicate than others you could quite easily chip a corner or take a layer of the top if you used the wrong type of pressure washer. I decided on using my karcher for this job knowing it was a lot more softer and less pressure I would be putting on this stone to clean away all the green, slime and dirt.

Getting the patio ready to do the re-pointing.

It took me a whole day to grind out all the old pointing I had to grind out all the old cement and making sure I was cutting out deep enough to get all the gaps clear of any old cement. My chosen method was to re-apply a sanding compound that is brushed back into all the gaps its fast setting and comes with many different colors with our temperamental British weather I didn’t want to take any chances and chose this product from Travis Perkins builders merchants i could still do it even if it decided to start raining.

Once I did the grinding out of all the old cement I then used a hosepipe to flush and rinse out any loose debris, sand or mess out of the gaps.

Patio cleaning and restoration coming together nicely in Manchester.

I had to keep the patio wet making sure i did not let it get to dry whilst I was sweeping in the sanding compound if I was slow the product can set.

I was finally happy with what i had done so far i got every joint full and evenly pressed right across the patio. Last job I then did a neat trick of pointing the compound in using my finger to give my pointing work a nice neat finish to the job i have just done. Nearly ready for the sealing stages ahead. If you would be interested in enquiring about maybe doing some restoration and cleaning of a driveway patio of yours then please click the link i have provide for more information. Driveway Cleaning.

Now ready to do the patio sealing stage.

Laying any sealing to any type of concrete can make or break your work so far, if your thinking of doing this yourself at home we highly recommend adseal products they are a little more expensive than your typical diy or building merchants stores but the products are by far more superior and longer lasting.

Patio cleaning and sealing done in Manchester

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